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Counselling in South Somerset at South Petherton. 

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Counselling Services


Confidential Counselling and Psychotherapy is now available IN HOUSE and online to assist in improving your Mental Health.

We employ a wide variety of  resources for our Counselling and Psychotherapy clients;


                    Early childhood trauma, abuse and emotional distress unless dealt with in a loving careing way, continues on for the rest of our lives.                     We are able to work with clients who struggle with a number of associated issues and help uncover and release the effects of those                         early stresses.


  • Talking one to one to work through anxiety and emotional stress.
  • Marriage counselling and Couples counselling and Relationship counselling issues at our rooms in South Petherton, Somerset
  • Addictions counselling - behavoiurs that seem to run ones life without any real understanding of 'why'.
  • Building Self Esteem - Anxiety and dealing with stress.
  • Dealing with strong emotions - anger, resentment, frustration, powerful urges.
  • Learn how to recognise the disasociated parts of SELF and reconnect which can result in improved energy and sence of direction.


Working through the current issues in a way that brings clarity and cognitve understanding brings relief and 'healing' for ones mental health.


  • Sand Play and Symbolwork - how one 'projects' ones unconscoius impressions out onto the world around - people - activities - objects.
  • Voice Differentiation - we all have a number of inner voices which, when discovered it can be amazing just how much control they have in ones daily life.
  • Bio Energetics - Some talk of emotional block, unable to feel emotion which can result in strained relationships especially with ones partner. 
  • Somatic Representation
  • Emotional Release Processes - allowing pent up feelings to release in a safe environment thus reducing destructive arguments and being able to create space for considered discussion.
  • Mandala drawing - through shape and colour one can express emotions, feelings, thoughts which provides feedback and can lead to a better understanding of ones state of mind. 
  • Dream work - learn the underlying information fromthe dream - Freud's Royal Road to the unconscious.
  • Meditation - there are many ways to meditate - dynamic, move, shake, dance jump then in the stillness and silence that follows is 'meditation'
  • Journalling - keeping a log af ones - dreams, feelings, problems, challenges followed by later reviews can bring clarity allowing for possible alternative ways of moving forward.
  • Holotropic Breathwork. see page below. 


By working through emotional stress and anxiety in marriage, couples, and relationships with counselling and support, 

assists in healing those issues.


Working through mental health issues engages both the physical and emotional energies, psychotherapy works towards enabling positive cognitive understanding and emotional wellbeing



'Holotropic' - 'The movement towards wholeness'. A powerful experiential approach to individual wisdom..

Counselling and Psychotherapy


'Counselling and psychotherapy, when seen in terms of role value and effectiveness, the BACP believes that each occupational area has equal value'.


The degree of 'counselling' or 'psychotherapy' varies according to the clients need during the therapy session. We have worked with children, teens and adult clients covering a wide range of presenting issues including; anger, abuse, addictions, relationships, sexuality, neglect, behavioural problems, parental issues, abandonment, self esteem and worth, and much more.


Children often work through 'issues' in a sand play, 'play' session where at times the presenting issue may not even be mentioned directly by the child, yet when the 'play' is completed there can be an inner resolution or change in behaviour that continues on into everyday life.


The Modalities are our 'toolbox' as it were, and for different clients and situations we are able to engage with one or more of the 'tools' that enables the client to work through the presenting issue effectively.


In the session we encourage free expression of emotions, in a safe and supportive environment. A sense of safety and unconditional support is essential for clients to touch into their emotions. Once the emotional content is understood we encourage a period of integration for a more cognitive understanding, to absorb the deeper contents of the emotional experience.


The process of 'sharing experiences' can be of great value, we often hear, 'I thought I was the only one who felt like that', and when you realise you are not the only one who suffers with a particular issue then it becomes easier to work through and deal with that issue.


The realisation that one is not alone with their 'problem' can be a gateway for personal healing.


Holotropic Breathwork


Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful experiential approach accessing the inner healing wisdom within each individual.


It utilizes breathing, music and focused energy release work to access the deeper dimensions of the psyche that can include biographical, perinatal and transpersonal realms of consciousness.


Life's many challenges from birth onward can leave us puzzled - 'why are my relationships unsatisfactory?' – 'why do I feel angry, afraid, frustrated, betrayed, unmotivated, inadequate, spiritually adrift?'- in ways that go deeper than just  present day events.


All these and much more may provide gateways into the deeper realms of the 'self' where underlying issues may find healing.



We are offering individual and small group Breathwork sessions for those who wish to explore or deepen their inner work/journey