We are available at this time, for confidential Online Counselling and Psychotherapy for positive mental health. We offer a range of therapies that enable clients to improve their 'mental health', in order to enjoy life to the full.

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Talking about ones problems can be of great help - getting a different perspective on a stressful situation can throw light onto possible solutions.


South Somerset Counselling

Positive Mental Health is important for all relationships.

Counselling aims to help resolve the stresses that many couples experience.


Processing the emotional content of one's issues leads to a release of the negative effects on the individual, enabling a more positive approach to life. 


Over time, our clients discover 'within themselves', resources that enable them to deal with and understand their challenges, to take personal responsability, instead of constantly arguing,being angry or maintaining a sullen silence and 'putting up with abuse or ill treatment' for example.

Where appropriate we suggest where to seek professional legal assistance when a breakdown in the relationship becomes unavoidable.


Counselling for Children and Teenagers


Counselling for children and teenagers, who may be learning to adjust to, and understand their emotions, comes with respect and acknowledgement of their feelings.


We offer the opportunity to discuss any presenting issues or, if that is unacceptable, a silent setting is an option where we use techniques that are non-invasive yet allow the client time and space to explore and gain understanding from the process.



Counselling for Adults


Adults of course have many concerns; about themselves; their children; aged parents; health and so on.


When there is a 'loaded' emotional content to current issues, and this is explored in a safe setting, it is often found that there are strong links from back in the client's own childhood and formative events that took place at that time.


Given time for the 'inner exploration', a positive emotional understanding (emotional intelligence) and congnitive resolution to those troubling or puzzling issues can be achieved.

To Book a session contact Ray or Carole - 01460 249771 or email info@integrativetherapies.co.uk, thank you.

We can change.........

How we view the world, our perspective, our self image, our negative values.

New shoots, a sign of spring, a new beginning, new possibilities, all are open to us when WE are prepared to look.

A setting sun, then end of the daylight approaches, time to lie back and ponder the wonders of the day. 

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