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Modalities employed in Client Sessions & Workshops

Traditional counselling, talking one to one
Couples counselling
Addictions counselling
The following modalities have been found extremely useful in helping people of all ages work through the issues that brought them to us for counselling. They enable one to view/work through the presenting issue in a way that often brings clarity and cognitve understanding from with themselves.

SandPlay and Symbolwork
Sand Tray
Voice Differentiation
Bio Energetics
Somatic Representation
Emotional Release Processes
Mandala drawing
Group Work
Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork Information Page

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Integrative Therapies is influenced by and owes much to the work of the following:

Carl Jung - Jungian or Analytic Psychology

Dora Kalff - Sandplay Therapy

- the unconscious has more power than the conscious
- intrinsic movement in our psyche towards wholeness, the process known as - individuation
- need for integration of the shadow
- symbols are the language of the unconscious
- spiritual dimension essential for meaning and healing

Fritz Perls - Gestalt Psychology

Violet Oaklander - Play Therapy Approach

- Gestalt role-play work - reclaiming disowned energy, traits, feelings
- idea of movement of issues between the foreground and background in the psyche

Stan Grof and Christina Grof - Transpersonal Psychology

- impact of perinatal and birthing trauma
- understanding of Transpersonal dimension of the psyche
- use of breath to unlock the unconscious
- concept of the inner healer - non-intrusion of the therapist

Wilhelm Reich - Experiential Development of Psychodynamic Tradition

- connection between body, emotions and energy
- ways to release armouring
- importance of release of anger and hate
- importance of moving towards sexual health

Alexander Bowen, Leslie Lowen & John Pierrakos - Bioenergetics/ Emotional Release

- bioenergetics - exercises to support emotional and energetic release
- flow of bioenergy essential for emotional and mental health

Leslie Greenberg - Emotion Focussed Therapy

- argues for the central role of emotion in psychotherapeutic change
- emotion ''schemes'' need to be activated in therapy
- cites empirical support for the effectiveness of using a, ''complex integration of emotionally focussed intervention strategies.''

Mark Pearson & Helen Wilson - Expressive Therapies

Mark and Helen evolved Expressive Therapies from much of the above, and have been teaching for twenty years continuously.
This year sees their work expanding to S E Asia, New Zealand and to many major cities and towns within Australia.

Other influential writers/researchers:

- Carl Rogers - Humanistic Psychology - person-centred approach
- Howard Gardner - Multiple Intelligence Theory - relevant to counselling
- Virginia Axline - Play Therapy - non-intrusive directions
- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross - need for grief processes, emotional release

Sand play Adult - sand tray review Reviewing the years journey through mandalas and artwork