with water Child - a busy session timeline Adult - time line, notable moments in ones life and how they influence the 'now'. Use of Symblos Child - floor game, working through 'difficult' family event. A typical session room A session room
Counselling / Psychotherapy

'Counselling and psychotherapy, when seen in terms of role value and effectiveness, the BACP believes that each occupational area has equal value'.

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The degree of 'counselling' or 'psychotherapy' varies according to the clients need during the therapy session. We have worked with children, teens and adult clients covering a wide range of presenting issues including; anger, abuse, addictions, relationships, sexuality, neglect, behavioural problems, parental issues, abandonment, self esteem and worth, and much more. Children often work through 'issues' in a sand play, 'play' session where at times the presenting issue may not even be mentioned directly by the child, yet when the 'play' is completed there can be an inner resolution or change in behaviour that continues on into everyday life. The Modalities are our 'toolbox' as it were, and for different clients and situations we are usually able to engage with one or more of the 'tools' that enables the client to work through the presenting issue effectively.
In the session we encourage free expression of emotions, in a safe and supportive environment. A sense of safety and unconditional support is essential for clients to touch into their emotions. Once the emotional content is understood we encourage a period of integration for a more cognitive understanding, to absorb the deeper contents of the emotional experience. Group sessions for adults can be arranged, the process of 'sharing experiences' can be of great value and we often hear, 'I thought I was the only one who felt like that'.The realisation that one is not alone with their 'problem' can be a gateway for personal healing.

Frosted trees Sometimes one feels isolated and alone, out in the cold, unsure. sunset When understanding comes, inner peace is attained, one discovers personal authenticity. sunspots Reflecting on one's inner journey proves to be beneficial.