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anxiety 'Issues' can start when we are very young! Self_esteem Sometimes we feel above everything and separate from everyone!
An overview of Integrative Therapies

'Integrative Therapies', counselling and psychotherapy encompasses a range of modalities that enable clients, of all ages, to work through unresolved personal emotional issues with a positive outcome.

Sand play, for example greatly assists with many issues. As humans we tend to 'project' our problems, likes, dislikes, emotions, onto others, making 'them' responsible for our feelings. The Sand Play process brings insight, when the individual elements of a situation are displayed in the sand tray and the emotional interactions reveal themselves. From our experience both children and adults enjoy this activity and through it clients develop an inner understanding and personal trust of the process. Over a period of time our clients discover within themselves resources that enable them to deal with and understand the challenges and situations, take personal responsability where appropriate or seek professional or legal assistance, instead of 'putting up' with abuse or ill treatment for example.

Counselling for teenagers, who may be learning to adjust to, and understand their emotions, comes with respect and acknowledgement of their feelings. We offer the opportunity to discuss any presenting issues or, if that is unacceptable, we offer a silent setting using modalities that are non-invasive yet allow the client time and space to explore and gain understanding from the process. At one time a couple of young people presented with volutary mutism, there were, no spoken words. Yet they worked well in a quiet setting and eventually were able to express themselves effectively.

Adults of course have many concerns; about themselves; their children; aged parents; health etc. etc. When there is a 'loaded' emotional content to current issues, and this is explored in a safe setting, it is often found that there are strong links from back to the client's own childhood and formative events that took place at that time. Given time for the 'inner exploration', a positive emotional understanding (emotional intelligence) and congnitive resolution to those troubling or puzzling issues can be achieved.

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We only know what we know, about ourselves, we don't know what we don't know, and that understanding can be the beginning of the "Journey of Self Discovery".

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